You’re Spending Too Much Money on the Things You Already Buy!

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You’re Spending Too Much Money on the Things You Already Buy!


Let’s talk finance, personal finance.  But first let me introduce you to you!

You’re young, you have a brand spanking new entry-level to possibly junior executive job, or maybe you’re still in college about to finish and you’re doing work-study to get by, either way let’s say you are barely managing, finding yourself on your own and resulting to eating noodles, and Mickey D’s for dinner.

Rent kind of sucks, car payments, insurance, student loans, food, eating out! Look you need to have fun too, I get it, you’re finally independent, you’re working for yourself, your parents set you free, it’s time to splurge. Friends are inviting you out to party in the city every weekend, you are constantly seduced by the Instagram feeds of other people who, for some reason made a living out of partying, your priorities are twisted sweetie.

It’s time to saddle up.ac42555acea2f3645ade513f86b388d8.jpg

Let me save you before it’s too late!

When you’re young, straight out of college or straight out of whatever trade school you’re coming from, and you start making that sub-forty to fifty thousand per year on your first gig, you’re considered prime target, fresh meat for credit card companies. Companies that want nothing more than to give you “free money” and have you spend and spend and spend some more until you have spent more than you earn so they can collect interest upon interest upon interest.

You will start to get offers from everyone and their mothers, you will even be offered to buy that brand new ride you saw Jimmy riding, little did you know, Jimmy either got it from his posh dad, or he’s knee deep in debt trying to hold up an ephemeral appearance, an illusion that is only valid on social media, a false reality that is only useful to get more followers on social media. Please don’t be a Jimmy!

My advice on the matter of credit card hawks is to ignore them until the right card comes around. The right card is one with no annual fees, 0% intro APR, cash back or points or some type of compelling reward.


Here’s a list linked here 

Now let’s talk finance, you have to spend money, there’s no way around it, you have to earn money then spend it as soon as you step out the door to survive, since you must, I thought of a few solutions to help you earn a little bit more on your investments.

  1. UNiDAYS


I particularly like UNiDAYS, they are a free discount service program for students or fairly recent grads who still have access to their student email address. Why should you care? Well think about everything you’re buying, wouldn’t be nice to get anywhere from 15 to 20% discount on all of them? Plus $200 off on selected Apple devices and 50% off Apple Music.

Additional UNiDAYS discounts include:

  • 10% off ASOS
  • 15% off Bed Bath and Beyond
  • 20% off the Samsung Store
  • Extra 10% off Urban Outfitters
  • Student special offers from UGG
  • 15% off Lime crime makeup for the ladies
  • 10% off Lyft forever
  • And so much more, as I said signing up is free, referring people will also earn some money, this link will allow you to sign up with your student email.
  1. iBotta


A second a great way to get some ROI (return on investment) is to download and install an app call ibotta

ibotta is a rebate app, one of those apps that gives you a rebate for doing something you already do anyway, shop for food, for paper towels, going RiteAid etc.

How does it work?

  • Download the app or sign up online [here]
  • Browse the offers
  • Add the offers and scan them in store
  • Scan the receipt
  • Earn rebates

While you might not earn that much in rebates, the real money-maker comes from referring other people to use the app, the first referral will get you about $30 (when the offer is available) otherwise you will make about $1.00 per referral, which could earn you a good amount if you have a lot of friends.

These are two ways to get you started on both saving and earning some money back based on purchases that you already make.


Did you know Amazon Prime gives you $5 dollars for every friend you refer? additionally, this link let’s you try it for 30 days no commitment.
You already know what Amazon does, go to your account page once you sign up and look at the bottom of the website for your personal referral link.

Lastly if you need some help creating a money-saving log, I provided a simple excel tool that will help you do just that and log your finances, it is attached below for free: 

Claim your Sample Saving Log for free!!!

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Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links for Amazon which will provide us with a small commission if you purchase through our links, you will not be charged extra


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