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Here’s a fun theoretical line of question. but first…

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As the day comes to a close I tend to lay in the dark and let my mind run wild. Essentially, I theorize and wonder what our world would be like based on either books, imagery or TV shows that I’ve seen.

  • What if we all spoke the same language?
  • What if this cute little puppy could speak in Ron Swanson’s voice? Cute Puppy.jpg
  • What if Hillary became president?
  • What would the world be like if JFK wasn’t assassinated?
  • How about Gandhi?
  • Would Tupac still be relevant today if he wasn’t killed that night?
  • Did Michael Jackson really just go back to his planet?
  • Did OJ do it?
  • Is Stewie from Family Guy gay, straight or bi?
  • What if we all stopped aging?
  • If God created the world, who created God?
  • What would Jesus do?
  • What would Ryan Reynolds do?
  • Why do guys have nipples?
  • What about belly buttons?
  • Is Donald Trump wearing a toupé?
  • What does water taste like?
  • Why aren’t babies 9 months old when they’re born?
  • Who decided what time it was when the first clock was created?
  • What happens after we die?

Questions like these are the reason why I never sleep.

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