Success Profile Episode 2 : FemmeDuSoir

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Success profile episode 2: FemmeDuSoir

How do you measure success?
What exactly would it take to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and realize you’ve made it? Is it money in the bank? Is it fame? Or is it simply the realization that what you’re doing at this very moment is exactly what you’re meant to do?

The latter seems accurate for Jodelle Marlia Duverseau (FemmeDuSoir) whom, without any experience or support from family and friends, decided to start what appears to be the beginning of an empire of sensual, out of the ordinary, lustrous art, which developed into her very own business.
Her journey as FemmeDuSoir began in 2014. As with many young women her age, she went to school; upon graduating, she wanted a career that would provide security, success, and independence. Before long she realized that she needed more and to get more, she needed to take the plunge.

Quitting a job is quite possibly the bravest thing one could do, especially when your next meal is uncertain, but Anais Nin once said: “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”.

Persistence and consistency proved valuable. When failure is not a viable option, strong women make it work.
Jodelle, also known as FemmeDuSoir, exemplifies what it is to be a brave woman taking a bold stance on something she believes in.

She is a performing artist; her shows are described as sexy and attractively mysterious. When she is not performing on stage, she is posing for famous artists and sculptors all around the globe. In fact, her image is currently featured in museums in Italy with future appearances in Greece as well. Building her brand and garnishing a strong reputation for professionalism, she is one of a kind. Additionally, Jodelle is currently managing other women who like her, want to forge a new path.


According to her website,
By age 14 she had already garnered 12 years of experience in erotic novels, stepping away from writing, she took some time to create her current brand FemmeDuSoir in 2014. The goal? Destroy the stigma that is sexual oppression of women, the taboo created around the idea of unique sexual expression, self-discovery and nude modeling as a whole. Simply put she is on a mission to break barriers and open minds.

She has been featured in her native country’s oldest publication “Le Nouvelliste” in Haiti. She is a muse for major art schools around New York city, and believe me this is only the beginning for her.

When I reached out for an interview, she was open to sharing her story. I met with her in the middle of rehearsing for her next show. The following takes place in a lounge in the middle of Brooklyn New York with background noise and distinctive music which I implore you to forgive.
Take a listen, it’s worth it.

She poses and all eyes are on her, she is lost in the idea of being idolized and immortalized, she desires your gaze and needs your talents to showcase her beauty. Sculpt her, draw her, love her. If needed, Jodelle can be reached on Facebook at Marlia Jodelle Duverseau or Instagram @jodelle.femmedusoir. You may want to visit her website linked here for a full back story. (Contents may prove NSFW)

So, to conclude, I ask again, how do you measure success?


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