Top 5 high paying Jobs for 2017 College Graduates

Top 5 high paying jobs for 2017 college graduates Getting a good degree can be the difference between getting a minimum wage job at a fast food restaurant and getting a high salary entry level job in one of those glass towers downtown. In 2017 33.4% of Americans graduated from college, comparatively only 28% of Americans had completed a bachelor’s degree in 2016 according to an article published by The …


10 Things I learned From Living in New York for 10 years.

For all its flaws, it remains one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Do not Purchase your next phone from the carrier – Advice

Phones, we need them, we use them continuously, we depend on them, they’ve become an extension of self. To some it’s a means to reach out to the world, to stay in touch, to Instagram and snap away, although some of the older generation baby boomers will out right tell you that having a phone is simply a means to an end, a way to simply call and answer calls, …

You’re Spending Too Much Money on the Things You Already Buy!

Let’s talk finance, personal finance.  But first let me introduce you to you!

Textbooks: Start Renting | Stop Buying| Unless you plan on selling them back !

Textbooks: Start Renting | Stop Buying| unless you plan on selling them back !

Broke? | Young? | You can still see the world!

6 travel destinations that are Instagram friendly, relatively cheap to fly to, or at least to stay in.

Traveling| Budgeting| Bringing the Appropriate Tech

I want to share a few major items that are essential to any vacation depending on the location and your taste for adventure.