(iPhone 8 vs. Note 8) I Need Help: Which One do I Choose?

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iPhone 8 VS Note 8

I’m in sort of a bind; I have been using the iPhone 6 Plus since it came out in 2014 and have not upgraded since. This is partially due to the fact that the design has been the same for the last 3 years, never mind the added dual camera, the upgraded chip, the force touch functionality and the fact that the new phone is made of “the toughest glass ever, on a phone”. I have just been debating if it’s worthwhile to upgrade and adopt the new “iPhone for Life” deal, where you lease your phone instead of owning it and have to give it back to get a new one. There’s also the matter of the price.


First World Problems, I Know…

So yes, I am in a bind. My current 6 plus is aesthetically mint, but with new applications optimizing to accommodate IOS 11, the phone is slowing down. Apps take longer to load, Siri takes longer to respond, touch ID takes longer to recognize my prints. As a self-proclaimed tech geek, this really annoys me; sluggish devices are to tech geeks what kryptonite is to Superman. Forgive the exaggeration but, it is annoying.

Here’s where I need help. I’ve been going back and forth between the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and the iPhone 7 for weeks, then a few months ago the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 came out. I haven’t owned a note device since the Note 4 and God knows I loved the stylus. I am what is considered a super-user—I use my devices to their full capacity and sometimes I push them even further than necessary. I moved on from the S8 and started gravitating towards the Note 8. 20 to 30 Youtube reviews later, in addition to 10 daily visits to Samsung.com, it is obvious that the Note 8 is a fantastic device, a feature powerhouse, a productivity beast, the tool to have for those who are married with customization, and that dual camera, oh that dual camera!

The problem? I would be leaving an ecosystem that I’ve been married to for the last 3 years. I own an Apple watch, I am subscribed to Apple Music, call me stupid but blue bubbles rock! And lastly, I own a superpowered MacBook Pro 2013 edition (superpowered because I have invested significantly in upgrades to avoid buying the newer ones with soldered internals). I am not throwing shade on Android here, but the Apple ecosystem is so intuitive, the learning curve is virtually second nature and these benchmarks (if they matter to you) do not lie.

If I purchase the iPhone 8 or X pronounced (10)  later this year, I would forfeit my current grandfathered plan with sprint (I have unlimited everything for $50) and adopt a plan that I hate which would force me to lease, or I would have to shell out the full amount which is close to a thousand dollars (yikes).


If I get the Note 8, I could get Samsung Financing through their website and pay for it monthly (about $35) of course I could also turn in my current iPhone 6 Plus which is mint, for about $200 credit.

So, what should I do and what would you do? Someone told me that even if Apple starts selling their phones in the form of a brick, they would never go to Android.

I am not that much of a fanboy, I just want a new phone.

My argument to the latter statement is this, our phones are with us 24/7, it is the device we use the most, and we sure spend a lot of time on our phones. We should at least get something we enjoy using, right?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Retails on Amazon at $929

The iPhone retails for $828 on Amazon 

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