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Behold, Pepper x The Hottest Pepper on Earth & The Last Dab Challenge

Last Dab

I never thought I would one day be writing about hot sauce, but here we are! So…

What is there to write about hot sauce? Well, apparently, a lot—some are hotter than others and some are just a salty mess. In any case, I have become a hot sauce enthusiast.

In the video below, I dared to try The Last Dab. (Hit the link to learn more about it).

Essentially, it is an SOB of a sauce made by Heatonist along with Ed Currie who created its star ingredient, Pepper X. This is a special pepper. See, Pepper X was featured in the Daily Mail as a record breaker. What did it break you might ask? The Scoville score for being the hottest food item ever planted on this green earth. The previous holder of this record was the Carolina Reaper—guess who created that one.

Pepper X proudly clocks in at a whopping 3.18 million Scoville heat units. while the now dethroned Carolina Reaper reaches 1.4 to 2.2 million Scoviles.  

The cast of “Hot Ones,” an ever-entertaining show on YouTube by First We Feast decided to team up with the Mad-Scientist, Ed Currie, and the creators of their original hot sauce, Heatonist, to create a hottest hot sauce that was actually tasty. Thus, The Last Dab was born.

I made a video with my girlfriend trying the different hot sauces featured on that show (we added a couple of our own). The final sauce we tried is The Last Dab. See our reaction below.


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