Fear is Crippling

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Let’s Talk about Fear.

Comedian and story teller extraordinaire Hasan Minhaj said: ” Our courage do to what’s right has to be greater than our fear of getting hurt. “

This has since become one of my favorite quotes, not necessarily because I think it’s particularly deep, and oh so majestic; rather because it speaks to our ability to overcome fear and do what we set out to do without any hesitation, without a desire to look back and let doubt set in.

The crippling feeling of fear itself can and is perhaps a good thing. Fear of danger could be an innate evolutionary advantage passed down to us from our ancestors, which allows us to not put ourselves in harm’s way. This is not the fear I am referring to.
I am referring to the fear of doing, the fear that keeps us from completing your goals, the fear that cripples your dreams.

That fear is irrational and at this point should be irrelevant.
Imagine that you are looking for a job because, either you’re not satisfied with your current position or you’re simply not working. You need money to ensure that your “pyramid of needs” is complete.
Would fear, stop you from applying to a job because you’re worried that you might get overlooked, or won’t get called? What’s the worst that could happen? They say no? well if that’s the case move on! There’s plenty more out there. Fear is the irreparable sense of danger that is not present. When you let fear set in, you’re setting yourself up for insurmountable failure.

Think for a second of the things in your life of which you’re afraid of. Now think of everything you could’ve accomplished if you had just taken a leap of faith and not fear ed the outcome. I am not advocating to put oneself in danger but, knowing how to differentiate the two makes a big difference. Don’t get me wrong, danger itself is real, Some situations that you may find yourself in may cause serious harm, and possibly even kill you. The fear of moving forward and evolving will end in failure.

We live in an age where we have access to everything, tools to elevate us from workers to business owners, tools that are able to free us from the mundane 9-5. The Sad thing is we fear to try. We fear change. A wise man once said: “If you are afraid to spend $30 dollars on yourself, how can you expect to make 3 million?”

Listen to Gary Vaynerchuk, he explains the concept perfectly.

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